Toni Antonucci, coordinator of Convergence of Cultures, Czech Republic


Dear President Moon Jae-In,

My name is Toni Antonucci and I am the coordinator of Convergence of Cultures – Prague.

I am writing this letter in support of peaceful protest against the religious discrimination and human rights violation that is unfortunately happening in South Korea.

As far as I know, South korea is a democratic country, but the current situation in Korea is very unfortunate.

Although your country has constitutional rights and democratic values for religious freedom, I understand that some religious groups are still religiously discriminated against.

Covid 19 makes this time difficult for everyone, but all religious groups in Korea should have the same rights and be treated with equal respect and dignity.

The leaders of the Sincheonji Church were arrested. The building has been forced to close since February of this year. There have been many corona confirmed cases in other churches, but which other church leaders has been under arrest?

This is clearly the result of religious repression.

According to your remarks in the Liberation Day speech of 15th August in 2020, “It is an era of Article 10 of the Constitution in which all citizens have the right to pursue happiness with dignity and value as human beings. That is the goal our government is trying to achieve. The Republic of Korea will no longer give up even a one single citizen. That’s how much we have grown, and that’s how confident we are.”

The members in Shincheonji Church are also the citizens of the Republic of Korea. Please don’t give up the people in Shinchenji Church too.

I believe South Korea is still a democratic country. I hope your action will confirm that.


Toni Antonucci

coordinator of Convergence of Cultures – Prague


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