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source: Entered 08-24-2020 19:20Final Edit 08-24-2020 23:53 Total follow-up survey of 4198 confirmed cases from Shincheonji Church in Daegu 322 suffer chronic fatigue, 303 experience pain such as headache
source : A warning from Korea University Professor Kim Woo-joo, the Best Infectious Disease Expert in Korea "The fundamental cause of the second wave of...
source : “Delayed testing of those exposed to risk can cause terrible situation like that of America and Europe. ‘Level 3’ social distancing is unavoidable if we cannot control...
source : mbc뉴스, Published 2020.07.20. 8:05PMLast Edited 2020.07.20. 8:22PM ◀Anchor▶Do you know how many Koreans possess Covid-19 antibodies, regardless of whether they knew they had caught the virus...
source : 뉴시스, Around 1.4-2.5 people are infected by one positive patient with COVID-19. Early March, which is when the virus's incubation period ends after the last service of February 16, will be the...
source : 머니투데이, By Lee Kang Joon, March 02, 2020 at 12:12 p.m. by Kang Jong Min = The First Chief Coordinator at the Central Disaster and Safety...
source : 뉴스1, Lee Hyung-jin14:34 4 March 2020 Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae listening to lawmakers' questions with her arms folded at a plenary session of the Legislation and Judiciary...

About Fact-Check News

Starting from early 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 became a grave matter in South Korea. Amid the confusion caused by the pandemic, false information went viral together with the flood of news. In particular, countless articles covering Shincheonji took reference from fake news that depended on information from those who have been opposing Shincheonji well before the COVID-19 crisis. The following is a series of translated articles that provide insight into the background, current status, and the results of the human rights violation and unjust religious discrimination done against Shincheonji with the sources clearly cited.