Mohan Ranjan Balendran, Formal head priest, Sweden


Dear H.E.Jaein Moon, President of the Republic of Korea

My name is Mohan Ranjan Balendran, former head priest of Hindu Temple in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m one of the Ambassader of HWPL and I’ve visited Korea a few times for participating in conferences held by HWPL and have always felt the people of Korea sincerely are eager to work for peace and are having much love to one another. They seemed to have such warm hearts and that also touched my heart in which we all should be spreading this love.

Even this the Covid-19 pandemic situation, I have observed that The Republic of Korea is doing its best in taking part to quickly resolve the situation with the virus by carrying out the precautions with care and taking care of their citizens. And therefore have decreased in infection rates dramatically which the world is impressed of.

Also through various media I have heard that the cured members of the Shincheonji church has donated the plasma for the development of the vaccine of the virus which is worth 38 billion dollars. I was very pleased to hear this news as this is showing wonderful work to the whole world at this period of time. I felt that through this, Korea is showing great potential and will definitely be seen as a caring country.

But what shocked me was after seeing the article about HWPL and Shincheonji church being forcefully closed down by the Government of Korea. What I know is that Shincheonji church has passionately devoted and dedicated their best to cooperate with the Korean Government in stopping the further infection of the virus. Accroding to Sripture, “All human are eqaul and be together in the love of God.“

I have written down this letter while hoping for righteous decisions and cesation of persecution and descrimination towards religion and peace movement.


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