Mohamed Nasir Mohideen, MOHIDEEN president/ Advisor of above association, Malaysia


Message  To  His  Excellency  Respected  Honorable  President  of  South Korea.

His  Excellency,

I, MOHAMED  NASIR  Haji  MOHIDEEN as  a PRESIDENT/ Advisor  of  above  association, would  like  to  thank  to  all  leaders  and  members  who  are  involve  for  the successful  of  PEACE. And  also  it’s  a  great  pleasure  to  express  this  message  and  I  warmly  support  Mr. Man  Hee  Lee, the  Peace  Advocate  of  Heavenly  Culture  World  Peace  Restoration  of  Light (HWPL).

The  World  Alliance  Religion’s  of  Peace  is  a religious  and  humanity  conducting  forum  in  Malaysia  and  I wish  to  thanked  for  the excellent  arrangements  for  the mission  been  success.  This  a  better  position, both  internally  and  externally  initiated  ever  for HUMANITY – PEACE  sake.  It was  a  plus  point  of  views  and  positions  count  thru  HEART  in making  major  international  decisions. This  harmony  forum  has  the  vision, purpose  and  a  strong  supportive  administration  from  “PELITA’s association.

Upon hearing  the  incident  that  happened to HWPL  and  Sincheonji Church recently in Korea, it has been called  to  my  attention  that  although  your  country has in  its  constitution the right of freedom  of  religion, still  some religious  groups  are  being  attacked  or  treated  worse  than others. I understand  this  time  is  difficult  for everyone, but  things like this  should not be allowed  to  happen. Due  to  COVID-19  pandemic  known  as  natural  disaster  which  effected the human  being  without  knowing  ethnicities  or religions. 

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence  of  justice.” We  can’t bring  peace  in  without  working  for  justice. 

Wabillahi  taufik wal hidayah wassalamualaikum  waramatullahi  ta’ala  wabarakatuhu.

Your  Sincerely,


Founder  of “PELITA” association


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