Kamila Šrolerová, Lawyer/Professor,Czech Republic



Dears Mr. Chairman, 

First of all, I must express my great gratitude for sending me an email (via Czech representative), but much more for your activities, which you do mainly in the field of peace.

I am a lawyer and I deal with public international law, especially the areas of weapons of mass destruction, armed conflict, humanitarian law, terrorism and environmental law.

I am very pleased that your HWPL is very active in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, as an organization with a special advisory status to a major global UN organization (specifically ECOSOC).

Anyone interested in the international situation knows that this organization is still one of the most important actors (not only) in the field of maintaining international peace, and if it cooperates with a certain entity, it is a very important cooperation and very necessary.

Weapons of mass destruction and, at present, climate change are among the greatest international threats facing the current international community. At the same time, however, the issue of nuclear weapons does not provoke any discussion among the public, and we are at a time that is very alarming in this area, and it is one of the most serious threats not only to the environment around us but especially to us as ordinary civilians. The so-called The Doomsday Clock, atomic experts “moved” the imaginary hands of the clock to show the current threats to a position 100 seconds before twelve.

The danger of using these weapons is exacerbated by the possible occurrence of some error (human, technical ..) or the empowerment of these weapons by non-state actors. Few people know that we can talk about thousands of ready-made nuclear weapons that are currently ready to be fired in a few minutes.

Climate change and related problems (lack of drinking water, deteriorating living conditions…) can cause conflict. Or, on the contrary, various conflicts arising from other causes (political, religious) will damage the environment not only during the conflict, but also after its end. The consequences can be long-term or short-term, immediate or delayed, and can affect only one area, but also very large areas. In many cases, of course, the consequences are long-lasting and irreversible.

All the more so, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to fully support such important peace organizations (activities) as the HWPL and to enable them to raise their awareness in all areas of social life. Armed conflicts are completely undesirable for the future of humanity and environmental protection. The peaceful enlightenment that the HWPL makes across the world is an absolutely necessary part of the education of the young generation, whose future is currently being “fought for”. It is not possible for a COVID-19 pandemic to be a pretext for the repression or even liquidation of organizations that protect human rights and peace. Peace is the only possible environment in which the most serious problems of humanity can be objectively and effectively solved. It is clear that the global pandemic has led to an extraordinary, legally exceptional, even emergency, regime in many countries, temporarily disqualifying some “normal” constitutional and legal rules. Not only can fundamental rights and freedoms be curtailed, but also decision-making powers that are concentrated in the hands of bodies other than the normal situation (for example, in the hands of the executive at the expense of the legislature). Such a situation is intended to protect the population from viral disease, but not for the purpose of deliberately destroying political opponents, human rights organizations, or other public benefit activities and associations!

I urge and ask for the support of this peace organization, which, especially at the moment, is of great importance !!

My urgent request for support and rescue of the organization in question isn´t an expression of the Czech Bar Association, but me, as a common person lawyer who has been active in international peace for a few years, trying to spread these difficult issues to the public, especially to young people (lectures at the Faculty of Law or publications) who try to protect the environment and try to provide an environment for their children in which they will be able to live (survive).

I am ready to further support the organization with activities that will be in my power.


Mgr. Kamila Šrolerová

Department of External and Internal Legislation

Czech Bar Association

Národní 16

110 00 Praha 1

tel: +420 273 193 173



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