Ibrahim Zrary, Member of High Council of Kurdistan Zoroastrian, Iraq

I am Ibrahim Zrary from the High Council of Kurdistan Zoroastrian.

First of all, I highly regard the advanced preventive system of South Korea which helped the world to be better atcontrolling the virus.

Nonetheless, I would like to bring an issue currently happening in Korea. It is about HWPL, an international peace organization and a related church named Shincheonji.

I was impressed by the peace activities of HWPL in the Iraq Kurdistan region by chance. From that moment, I havejoined this peace work.

For the past few years, HWPL has shared plans for achieving actual peace and worked on it with people here fromseveral universities and peace organizations. With HWPL, many people could have been involved in peace activities suchas Peace Workshop, Religious Youth Peace Camp, Interfaith Dialogue, and Peace letter campaign, etc. All of these effortsfrom HWPLhas been brought here to Iraq Kurdistan region and remind us of that we should cooperate and achieve peacetogether.

Listening to its deregistration with incomprehensible reasons was truly tragic news to accept. Hence I am writing this letter to you.

1. It is not an obvious fact that HWPL is a religious group just because its head is the same as that of Shincheonji. Since HWPL is not a religious group, even if there were any fault of the church, it cannot be related to HWPL.

2. Furthermore, members of Shincheonji, who are also the victims of COVID-19, were treated as intentional virus spreaders due to false reports of media. Shincheonji Dae-gu church did have the largest positive cases back then. Chairman Mr. Lee took an instant measure as soon as he could to cooperate with government control. But how come they be the only cause of virus infection in Korea when a whole world is suffering due to its unpredictable changes and development. As a country obligated to protect its nation fairly, I believe it is best to cure all patients regardless of their backgrounds and personal faith.

3. Yet, I heard the church members who are fully cured will donate plasma that is equivalent to 830 million US dollars for developing vaccines. Even though they contributed to an increase of coronavirus, their efforts must be recognized asit is not an easy determination to make.

With the reasons above, It is a nonsensical action to retract its registration.

Your Excellency, I politely ask you under the banner of humanity and peace, to concern my plead to encourage thegovernment of Korea not to cease operations of HWPL.

Please accept the assurance of my highest consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Ibrahim Zrary
High Council of Kurdistan Zoroastrian
Republic of Iraq



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