Community infection sweeps through Daegu… Numerous “hidden patients”


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Published 2020.07.20. 8:05PM
Last Edited 2020.07.20. 8:22PM

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Do you know how many Koreans possess Covid-19 antibodies, regardless of whether they knew they had caught the virus or not?

National testing revealed that only one out of 3550 people (0.03%) tested positive for antibodies, which led to relief that not many people had caught Covid-19.

However, when citizens of Daegu, the epicenter of the Shincheonji church-related outbreak, 76 out of 1,000 (7.6%) tested positive for antibodies.

What does this mean? Reporter Kim Yoon-mi will explain.

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The Covid-19 outbreak centered around the Shincheonji church finally quelled around the end of May to early June.

198 patients and family members who visited Daegu Catholic University Church for reasons other than Covid-19 were tested.

Fifteen people tested positive for antibodies. In other words, they had been infected with Covid-19 without their knowledge. This figure is incomparably higher than the recent statistics released by quarantine officials of a 0.03% national neutralization antibody production rate.

[Lee Jae-gap, professor at the Infectious Disease Department of Hallym University]

“Many people questioned the data from Daegu, and this data is important because it shows that there may have been more patients than previously reported…”

If we compare this ratio to Daegu’s population of 2.44 million people, it can be estimated that at least 180,000 people had unknowingly caught Covid-19.

The medical community has concluded that the actual number of patients in Daegu might be 27 times higher than the 6,800 people that were confirmed as patients, and that there were many hidden patients all around the city.

Quarantine experts are also focusing on the fact that even regions with mass community outbreak, such as Daegu, have not reached the neutralization antibody production rate of 6-70% that is required for herd immunity.

This means that until a vaccine and treatment are developed, the only safe options are to wear masks and continue with social distancing.

My name is Kim Yoon-mi from MBC News.

Reporter Kim Yoon-mi (

source : mbc뉴스,
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