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Singh Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh, Jathedar, India

Dear H.E. Jae in Moon, President of the Republic of Korea I am Singh Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh Ji,...

Tuan Mohd Nazri Bin Sahat, President of Penggerak Malaysia, Malaysia

Subject: Concern on the implication of the HWPL and Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Chairman, Mr. Lee in South Korea

Mohamed Nasir Mohideen, MOHIDEEN president/ Advisor of above association, Malaysia

A  Message  To  His  Excellency  Respected  Honorable  President  of  South Korea. His  Excellency, I, MOHAMED  NASIR ...

P.Yuvarajan, Honorable secretary, Malaysia

His Excellency President Moon Jae In,  Dear President,   I write with great joy to support...

Usharani Balasingam, Senior Lecturer (Law), Malaysia

24 August 2020 To, His Excellency Mr. President of South Korea Moon- Jae–In,

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