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Bohunka Koklesová, Rector, Slovakia

Dear Mr. President Moon Jae In Based on the cooperation with volunteers of peace education HWPL, an organization registered...

Ján Valkovič, Retreat manager, Slovakia

Dear Sir, I’m a manager of Buddhist meditation center Javorie in Slovakia. We invite meditation teachers from all around...

Michal Valco, Professor/Doctor, Slovakia

President Mr. MOON JAE IN Prime Minister Mr. CHUNG SYE KYUN Speaker of the National Assembly...

Deelan Vadher, Founder and Chair of UIMS, Czech Republic

In Brno, Czech Republic, 24th August 2020 RE: Statement of international support  To whomever this may...

Kamila Šrolerová, Lawyer/Professor,Czech Republic

<SUPPORT FOR THE HWPL !> Dears Mr. Chairman,  First of all, I must express my great...

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