Bohunka Koklesová, Rector, Slovakia


Dear Mr. President Moon Jae In

Based on the cooperation with volunteers of peace education HWPL, an organization registered in the ESOSOC UN, I would like to express the following opinion on behalf of all teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

The international problem of the suppression of freedom of opinion, human rights and religion should be considered extremely topical today, not only in terms of critical areas of war conflicts, but also in terms of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. We are watching with concern the worldwide increase in attacks and bullying by government representations against minorities, religious minorities. Many of them are held responsible for spreading the pandemic.

The Republic of Korea was given to the world as an example of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. At the same time, within the country, there was a strong attack on the Shincheonji Church, hatred, and violations of the basic human rights of its members. It is absolutely unacceptable for a minority, or any group of citizens, to be blamed for the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know from the past that in times of crisis, the culprit is always sought for unfavorable times. And it doesn’t matter if they are totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, war or pandemic situations. It is absolutely unacceptable for us to highlight, on the one hand, Korea’s success in curbing the pandemic and, on the other, for the Republic of Korea to suppress the fundamental human rights of the religious minority. It is important to talk about this hatred and bullying of Korean political representations out loud in our country.

doc. Mgr. Bohunka Koklesová, PhD.


V Bratislave, dňa 08.10.2020


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