Amos olatunji Ajadi, Pastor, Kypros


Dear president Moon Jae-in.

    My name is Amos olatunji Ajadi a Christian from north Cyprus from a penticustal church of Christ North Cyprus Christian international.

    I am writing in support of peace protest against the religion oppression which occured in south Korea. This really call for attention as fellow Human been humiliated due to there religion and belief this put questions in mine where is the freedom of religion and speech?

However, the religion discrimination among Koreans should be consider as major of peace and harmony restoration to freedom to the local community and group to practice their beliefs.

The right of free worship should been address equally among the Koreans, the arrest of church leader and closing of worship place which was base on groundless accusation this should be look in as to restore peace and good relationship between persons.

     Therefore, looking at the whole scenario it gives a view in mine that the religion oppression of south Korean is due to the to specific group been targeted, a country that is democratic system practice where is human right of speech and religion?

     Therefore, we are calling the attention of united nation to arise for the seak of youth and the next coming generation.

We the people are hoping for good order of new generation of koreans wellbeing freedom been restore with your support (UN)


Amos olatunji Ajadi.  


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